Rob Marland

I made the first ever graphic novel about Oscar Wilde, make a movie review podcast with my mum, and record audiobooks. I am currently working on a graphic novel about Wilde’s visit to Greece, called Really Greek, and a complete collection of Wilde’s interviews.

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Twitter: @BaubleRob

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    1. Coming soon: Oscar Wilde: The Complete Interviews
    2. Oscar Wilde was interviewed around 200 times. Previous collections of his interviews have reprinted only a fraction. I am currently editing a complete collection of Oscar Wilde’s interviews, which I hope to publish by the end of 2021.
    3. Coming soon: Really Greek: A Ride Across the Peloponnese with Oscar Wilde
    4. I’m working on a long comic about Oscar Wilde’s travels across Greece. In the spring of 2019 I followed his footsteps, so the book will also be a memoir/travelogue.
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    5. Oscar Wilde: The Season of Sorrow
    6. The full story of Oscar Wilde’s two year imprisonment for “gross indecency”, from conviction to release. This is the first ever graphic novel about Oscar Wilde! Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde’s grandson, has praised the “quality as well as the sensitivity” of The Season of Sorrow. (2018)
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    7. Minicomics & zines
      1. My Mum Has ZINE a Movie
        A collection of my mum’s best movie reviews from the 2017-2019 episodes of our weekly podcast, My Mum Has Seen a Movie. (2019)
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      2. Basler Freitag (read for free)
        A spruced up version of the diary comics I drew on 1st February 2019 for #HourlyComicsDay. My rainy day off in Switzerland includes a cross-border stroll, a soggy Japanese lesson, and too much vegetarian Indian food for one man to handle. (2019)
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      3. Welcome to Deadwood (sold out)
        I celebrated the return of Deadwood by making this zine, which features portraits of 30 of your favourite hoopleheads and hustlers, including Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock, Al Swearengen, and Seth Bullock. (2019)
      4. The Longest Day
        A follow up to my My Sister’s Birthday. I visit my sister and dad on summer solstice. Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier) has said that this “bleak farce on family and relationships has a quiet poignancy at its heart”. (2018)
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      5. Nosferatu (sold out; read for free)
        A re-editing of the 1920s classic film in comics form. I made this comic to practise using different media: pen, pencil, ink wash, charcoal, and lino cut. (2016)
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      6. Anecdotes from the Life of Pushkin
        I adapted Daniil Kharms’ weird microstories about Pushkin in this odd minicomic. (2016)
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      7. My Sister’s Birthday
        An autobio comic about a trip to Wales to visit my sister and dad. Coffee wine, awful TV, and not talking about the things we should be talking about. (2016)
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    1. Review of The Longest Day. Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier, 05.09.2019
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      1. Oscar Wilde on the Husbands of Beautiful Women (Notes and Queries, 09.2021)
      2. Oscar Wilde at the Nebraska State Hospital for the Insane (Notes and Queries, 09.2021)
      3. Love and Revolution: A Free Adaptation of Vera; or, The Nihilists (The Wildean, 07.2021)
      4. Imitatio Neronis: Oscar Wilde’s ‘Neronian Coiffure’ (The Wildean, 07.2021)
      5. Wilde’s Final Farewell Lecture in New York (The Wildean, 01.2013)
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      1. A biography of oil heiress and powerboat racer, Marion ‘Joe’ Carstairs. Slept with Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, and Oscar Wilde’s niece, Dolly Wilde. Lifelong companion was a doll she named Lord Tod Wadley.
      2. The toxic houseshare of Dante Rossetti, Algernon Swinburne, Fanny Cornforth, and George Meredith at 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. Eggs flung in faces, naked prancing, and a toucan riding a llama.
      3. The exploits of Charles Howard, aka Mad Jack, an earl who led a WWII bomb disposal squad known as “The Holy Trinity”.
      4. The Madde Pranckes of the original Jacobean “Roaring Girl”, Mary Frith, aka Moll Cutpurse. Thief, mastiff breeder, actor, and wearer of men’s clothes.